Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why Lindsey Lohan is destroying America

O.k. Maybe I overstated the case a little. She is not solely responsible for the downfall of our culture, but she sure as hell is not helping. Every where you look, there is some new half-ass reality show starring someone famous for doing nothing. But we watch. Along the way, they perpetrate all manner of morally egregious and scandalous behavior.

Let us start our examination of these cultural icons with the Kardashians. What has any of them ever done, prior to their "success" to warrant this kind of celebrity treatment? O.K. The dad was O.J Simpsons buddy, and the Mom married a guy who was on the cover of a Wheaties box back in the 80's. So? Then we come to guilt by slutty association. Kim had a sex tape leak out. That's what happens when you have a really sketchy boyfriend, as a good many overly-trusting American girls find out every year. Besides the above, and being a one time friend of Paris Hilton, I am still struggling to find out what really makes them famous.

Next take the case of the series on E called running Wild. It centers around 3 sisters: Tess Taylor, Gabrielle and Alexis Neiers who want to be famous. Their mother was a one time Playboy model, who's claim to fame was screwing one or more of the members of Pink Floyd. So these girls run around Hollywood under the direction of a chief enabler a.k.a. Mom partying, name dropping, and basically trying to make themselves famous without doing any work, or having any actual talent. Pretty standard stuff for our generation of white trasherazzi. These girls are so un-famous, they probably have to pay people to act interested.

Now take a trip with me down the the Jersey Shore. I know I talk a lot of trash, but I could not stop watching season one of this train wreck. Guido powers unite. I could go on all day about these fake tan sporting homegrown princesses and wanna be's. And normally I am not down with violence against women, but I think I cheered right along with the rest of America when Snookie got blasted in the grill. So now they do publicity tours and season two is either here or will be here shortly. Snookie actually came to our town. My question is who would want to see her and why? That anyone even knows these peoples names would amaze me. That anyone would care amazes me even more.

I guess my point in all of this is: with the unlimited power and potential of Television and now the internet, this is what we do with it? We should be the most enlightened society in the history of civilization. And yet we sit addicted to this trash, night after night. Paying attention to people who have not earned it. Eventually, our kids and the upcoming generation will treat this behavior as normal. We already see it with Youtube. People see it, think that if they do it they will be famous, and bam. Next thing you know they go out looking for a fight, while your friend holds the camera. Or your daughter thinks its o.K. to make a sex tape with her boyfriend. Hell, Ki and Paris did it and they are famous right? Someone will see it and I will be a star. I guess everyone should just stop and think. It's not enough to just be famous, you have to consider what you will be famous for.

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