Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is wrong with us?

Has society finally grown too sick to survive? It sounds harsh I know. But lately I look at what we have become and it kind of sickens me. Our entire nation has become one giant, simpering, whining, materialistic, greedy, self-involved bunch of wimps. Come on people, we are America. Wake the hell up. Stop beating yourself about the head and neck with white-liberal guilt, and a victim mentality.

I was in the bookstore the other day, and overheard the worst kind of populist tripe I have ever heard. There is nothing worse than an ignorant fool, who gets a hold of one fact and shouts it from the rooftops for all to hear. Again, and again, and again. This idiot was waxing poetic about about how America needed to fall, because we have gotten, shall we say, a little too big for our britches. Our economy is too big he said. Its not right that we are soooo far ahead of the rest of the world. I have one thing to say to you, you jackass. Face the sunset tonight. Then turn right real sudden like. Now walk. After a few miles, you come to a lake. A short swim and you are in Canada. STAY THERE.

Now on to Ed Schultz. Recently, we had a terrible thing happen in a coal mine. It's a risky job, we all know. But it is still a shame when anyone dies like that. Well, Ed the head decides to stand on top of the bodies of those who dies and crow about how we need Card check legislation. How dare we not say we need it now, he scolded. Really? C'mon fat Eddie....really. What does taking away a workers right to secret ballots have to do with Mine safety? Nothing. It was just one more chance for Ed to get a dig in for his Union buddies who want to fix the game in their favor. Have we really gotten to the point where we will twist any fact or tragedy to suit out political masters? Ed sits there with his pal Rachel Maddow and once in a while you hear the fairness doctrine come up. They both favor it. Go figure. Fairness doctrine to liberals means only one thing......their way, their voice, no dissent. You see the left calls it dissent when they speak out and criticize a republican. When you speak against them you oppose fairness, social justice, the people, workers rights(which mean only one thing to them), and puppies. And the republicans are to blame too. You see it's all in the way you frame the debate. If you insult me, and call it dissent, it's no longer an insult.

On to the Mosque at ground zero. I know, I know its not really at ground zero, but it is close by. SAME THING. I know, lets go to the holiest place in all of the Middle east and build churches. Oh, wait. We can't. But we have to fall all over ourselves to tolerate them? I can't put a nativity scene in my yard, but I can listen to some robed jihadist hollering a call to prayer across my neighborhood? SHOW A LITTLE BACK BONE PEOPLE. Hey, a mosque is O.K. Just move it about 60 blocks further out, and we can all feel better. Someone please loan Mayor Bloomberg some balls. Borrow them from Rachel Maddow if you need too.

We have become soft and weak. Just look at what is going on in the border schools. You can have Latino pride day, wave flags,have cook-outs. Speak in your own language. But my co-workers son wears a shirt with an American flag on it to school, and they actually sent him home for it. No bullshit. Fairs fair. I say, we all go out and start a European pride day. If your french celebrate Bastille day. Fly the flag. German people, you have Oktoberfest. Wear your crazy shorts and drink with pride. And lets all do it in south Texas, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Hell, how about 50,000 of us go down to Mexico and throw the biggest party they have ever seen to celebrate kickin the shit out of the Mexican army and taking Texas from them. They would go ape shit. Once we run out of beer, we can all apply for welfare. And generally just hang around sucking up public resources and demanding that they print all government documents in English. I used to be a landscaper, I can even mow a lawn. Because obviously all of the people who do that down there, are up here.

Roots. That is what we lost touch with. Our roots. Our parents, grandparents, or other ancestors who came here with nothing would be ashamed of us. We were not really a nation of immigrants. We were a nation of useful idiots who were able to work together. And we never would have stood for any of this crap 100 years ago. So why do we now?

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  1. You said it, people have just become way too frightened to embrace life. Demons in many forms have surfaced to show us the "danger" we are in constantly, and how the only hope is more intervention and regulation. The fact is these regulations cost alot of money, often have no effect, or even an adverse one, and each legislation robs us of our freedom more and more each day. These people who write the legislation and swear to uphold the constitution, need to read it, and uphold their oaths before desecrating our liberties.

    Incredibly said! keep writing, and if you have time check me out too if you want to share likeminds. http://freemarketliberty.com