Thursday, April 22, 2010

South Park and the prophet

I don't really even know where to begin. So Trey Parker and Matt Stone create yet another lampooning social commentary posing as a cartoon, and the good folks over at the blog go a little nuts. They allude to the fact that the creators may possibly end up like the ill-fated Dutch cartoonist Van Gogh and even show pictures. Then they post a link to an article about where they live.

The balls on these guys. Go read the blog they have. They ramble on with the victim-Muslim rhetoric and we won't stand for this, and after a lengthy diatribe say they are trying to promote open discussion. Open discussion about what? True open discussion means that there is a chance that they will change their minds after being presented with rational opinions. I don't think that will happen. I think the Muslim version of open dialogue is: you back down because they play the victim, they change your mind and convert you, you really do feel sorry and want to appease them, or they bully you into submission with threats, lawsuits, etc.

Good luck buddy.

I'm sure you all meant nothing but the best for the two gentlemen who chose to exercise the right to free speech. I know Islam is exceptionally tolerant of that. Muslim revolution can't even make the claim that South Park singled out Islam, because South Park slams every religion. Boys, it was just your turn.

This is why I love South Park. Nothing is sacred. They treat everyone alike. As comedic fodder for the masses.