Friday, January 1, 2010

Back in the saddle...

Its been a long and interesting year. We have seen up close and personal, how "Politics" has destroyed our system of government, and over time has slowly changed what our standards and expectations are when it comes to our elected officials.

We have also seen the blatant, partisan side taking by mainstream media. That scares me more than anything. Tim and Rachel over at MSNBC continue to perform as resident apologists for the current administration, while still dragging the over-whipped, dead horse of the Bush/Cheney legacy around. Our good friends over at Fox news, continue to behave as if the GOP is still a bunch of morally true, grassroots, founding father clones who are not in bed with every corporate special interest. Hell, they even tried to hijack the Tea party folks. I don't think they understand just what a bumpy ride it will be once those banner toting activists realize that Haliburton bought the coffee for the latest meeting.

Now we sit back and spend, get ready........700 million dollars of taxpayer money a day. And not on stuff we need. Its all spent on stuff that other people say we need. Usually because someone pays them to say we need it. Cash for clunkers is the best example. In an obvious move to pay off all the good folks in organized labor, Obama fired the head of Chrysler, and put that under-educated puppet in place to run one of the big 3 auto makers. They then proceeded to sell off the company to the Union, thus ensuring that future collective bargaining will surely always be in the union's favor. Because we all know that paying someone with a GED more money than a police officer just to screw lug nuts on cars will never have anything to do with why 2 million models of a particular car cost that much. It must be the $7 million dollar bonus that drove the price of each car up by thousands of dollars. Can you follow my math here? So after we clean out every dealership that was a major republic donor, we then artificially inflated sales by paying people with taxpayer money to buy cars. Lo and behold the industry reported that sales were up, so we can expect to see this move again when the unions get in trouble.

Then we decided to put a TARP over the economy. Better out of site and out of mind. And what better way to hide something than by sticking it behind A GIANT PILE OF OUR MONEY. All of that money, which got ear marked to a lot of special peoples special projects still didn't help. Now according to every expert I have heard speak, this entire financial boondoggle was caused by the toxic mortgage assets that were packaged and resold as securities. Now for that to be true, we have to assume that every single mortgage in every single one of those securities is in default. Of course they aren't, and the banks could easily solve 40% of them be allowing people to refinance, or by having a 30/60/90 day moratorium on payments. But why? Congress needs that fictitious number in order to spend all that money. Let us not forget, the good folks who provide oversight of Fannie/Freddie were the ones who allowed the banks and other institutions to do this in the first place.

Now we have health care. The most obvious move that tells you that this is a total farce is Nebraska. That's right, Nebraska. In order to get one of the votes they needed, Senate Democrats payed off the Gentleman from Nebraska, by having the Federal government pay 100% of all of Nebraska's Medicare expenses. WTF? Really? Look, if you don't have health insurance, then you have 2 choices, get a job that offers it, or your income should be low enough that you can be picked up by a state program. I have health care, and I pay a lot for it. What really yanked my chain about the whole thing, is the public option. If we let the government provide health care, it will introduce competition into the market place. Really? So the HMO's can compete with the institution that has unlimited funding, no profit motive, and the force of law behind it? WOW. I didn't now that was fair. I'm going to apply that theory in reverse. I'm going to build some boats and introduce competition into the market, by creating my own private Navy. If this was not just an obvious attempt to buy votes, I don't know what is. Lets tax everyone a little more, and count on the fact that most voters are stupid enough to believe that the government run health care that they have, doesn't cost them anything. And of course those of us with health insurance can always elect to keep ours. So we can pay for it, and pay taxes to cover everyone who has the "public option".

One last thought. While she is so busy "Going rogue" can someone please tell Sarah Palin that she is not going to be President in 2012. She's nice and all in a folksy sort of way, but give it a rest. Are we really supposed to believe that every single move she makes right now is not planned and calculated by some strategist? Just shatter the idea now, so you don't ruin someone else's chances later. And can we fire whoever had the idea of putting an unknown first term governor from a sparsely populated state on the ticket?

Well, 2010 should be interesting, and I will make an effort to toss in my two cents as often as I can. For your part, if anything I write interests you, please subscribe and tell a friend. Even if only to post comments and argue. We have to keep the dialogue going, only because we can't trust the two party system to not manipulate facts for their own ends.

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