Friday, September 17, 2010

Saving us from ourselves....

Here I sit watching Rachel Maddow talk out of the side of her mouth about how Elizabeth Warren is going to save us from ourselves. And Elizabeth was very quick to agree.

It wasn't enough that she had her dirty little hands in TARP. But now she actually believes that we need this new gvernment agency to regulate an industry that we don't actualy even need. She goes on and on about how if we don't spend money on credit cards instead of haircuts becuase we spend it on credit card payments. Forget the fact hat we don't actually need a credit card to get by in the world. The fact that we consider it such a necessity in this world, that we actually need government regualtion to protect us from our own excess is scary.

If we would stop financing shit and just pay cash for it, life would be better. If we didn't buy more house than we can afford we would be better off. If we did't use home equity and home imporvment loans to turn our homes into ATM machines to buy more crap that we couldn't afford we would be in real good shape.

So here we are. Mrs. Warren is going to do for us what we are unable, or better yet unwilling to do for ourselves. Maybe the next middle to upper class will be full of people who are smart enough to realize that debt is actually bad.

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